Leading up to the day it all changed

When you love someone, you put your heart on the line. You give the that person the key to your heart. You become vulnerable but it brings happiness.

I knew for a while something was wrong. It felt as if we were distant. That closeness wasn’t there. Something was bothering the wife I called my “princess”. Not only were we not having sex but she was irritable and having a hard time getting close to me. Whatever i did i couldn’t make her happy and it killed me.

This went on for a couple months.  She always worked late and I was at home with the kids.  If it wasn’t for raising my kids i might have lost it.  I would try to have sex with her but she was always exhausted.

I started having dreams that she had been sleeping with someone else.  I confided in her about this and it seemed to bother her. For whatever reason though we would have mind blowing sex following my admissions of my dreams.

I started thinking of it more. I kept having crazy dreams and my wife kept working late hours. She would stay after work and come home super early. She justified her partying because she said it didnt hurt since i was already in bed and she wasnt missing out on being a mom.

I dealt with it, i hated going to sleep alone but she most always was there when i woke up in the morning. Hell, i remember how hard it was for me to fall asleep without her there, but i was getting used to it.

It wasnt until almost 6 months later that i began to actually see signs that there might be someone else…..
Too be continued


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