The evidence

Late nights, early mornings.  I knew what time she would get off work.  I would even message her before going to bed.  But no answer.  The response was that her phone was dead.  Or it was on the charger and she was hanging with her friend.  I had nothing for proof.  

One evening we fought at 2 am when she returned. About why i didn’t hear anything from her.  She gave me the same excuse that she didn’t see the messages because she didn’t have her phone with her.  The Verizon site was down and i couldn’t check to see if this was the case.  

The next morning she went to work.  I got onto the Verizon site and looked up our account.  During the times that she claimed she didn’t have her phone I noticed that she was exchanging messages with a number i didn’t recognize.  So I put it into facebook and a man’s account came up.  I was numb.  I finally caught her in a lie.  And i called her at work to ask who he was. I told her to rush home or i was coming in….. 


2 thoughts on “The evidence”

  1. I wanted to thank you for commenting on my post about my, ahem, ‘relative’ with the well endowed chest. I appreciate it. I know I’m a pervert, but it is what it is. I have a lot of kinks and it’s my outlet.
    I have a wifesharing/cuck/hotwife kink. My current girlfriend of almost 3 years went from telling me how she’s “against interracial dating” to orgasming to BBCs on Tumblr while I finger her and suck on her nipples. Eventually, she’s going to take a BBC and I’m 110% for that. One on one, I’m dominant with her. However… I want her to be owned for a night by a BBC. It has to happen. I’m sexually secure enough for it to happen.
    I know you are in the process of sharing your story.


    1. It can be a mind fuck… while i am now comfortable with the whole thing, it did put me into a weird place for about a year. Now its the only time i feel normal, when a woman of mine is being used by other men.

      I didnt get to prepare and was thrown in. But am so thankful it happened.


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