Then what?

After finding out my wife was cheating, and her realizing that i got a huge rush from it, where do we go next.  The day after was the strangest.  Would she respect me less? Would it be seldom talked about?

It didn’t take long to find out the answer. She came home that evening and while we were laying in bed she said straddled me and began kissing me all over.  She used a few of my ties and secured my hands and feet to the corners of the bed.  She told me to be quiet and went and grabbed her phone.  She began taking naughty pictures of herself and started sending them to the guy she cheated on me with.  

After a few minutes the phone rang.  It was him.  She told me if i was quiet that she would make it worth my while.  She answered and put it on speaker. They proceeded to have phone sex in front of me.  It was so erotic hearing his voice for the first time and hearing him describe having sex with her.  

She was laying next to me.  Side by side.  As she got more turned on she began fingering herself and simultaneously stroking my already hard cock.  She made careful effort to stop stroking me if she could tell i was getting close.  I came close nunerous times. I lost count to be honest.  And when they had enough,  and it was clear that both of them had cum.  She let go of my cock and fell asleep. Leaving me in a horrible state of arousal and still tired and unable to take care of myself.  

It was a very strange feeling.  And was the first time she intentionally left me unsatisfied but at the same time the opposite. 

Was this really my life? Is it possible that this is happening.  It was a blur, yet my heart was still beating out of my chest.  


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