The longest 15 minutes of my life waiting for her. After confronting her over the phone i was in a state of fear, and anxiety waiting for her to get home. Maybe she was just talking to a guy. I cant imagine her actually doing anything else. Afterall this was my wife, princess and mother of my children. 

I was noticibly shaken when she came in. I was upstairs in our room pacing when she came in and sat down on our bed. I tried to let her tell me what happened but she was dragging her feet. I had enough and asked the question i didnt want to ask. 

“Did you cheat on me?” She started sobbing. And without saying a word shook her head yes. I went numb. Almost as if i was relieved. At least i knew. In all reality i was in shock. At that moment i was incapable of feeling emotion. If you have ever been here, its a strange feeling that is hard to explain. 

As she sat there sobbing uncontrollably I started thinking about how much i have always hated to see her hurting. I wasnt even thinking about anger or being mad at that moment. The only thought i had was that this was my wife and i dont want to do anything i regret. I sat next to her and gave her a big hug. As she leaned into me we lost balance and fell backwards. This is where it all changed. 

Little did i even notice but i had the hardest erection of my life. It wasnt until her hand fell onto my lap and grazed my erection that I even realized. As soon as she felt it, she instantly stopped sobbing and the next thing i knew she gassped and was instantly turned on. We were kissing passionately and she was pulling off my clothes. Its a blur but the next thing i remember i was on my back and she had me inside of her. 

She admitted to fucking another man and now she was riding me hard and telling me all about it. Saying things like “i cant believe you are hard knowing i was fucking someone else” and “you want me to tell you how naughty i was?” 

I could not believe the passion in her. It was like a flood gate was open. I guess i told her i wanted to know everything. 

With my cheating wife on top of me i felt so submissive. Like i had been humiliated and hearing her tell me about it brought an incredible adrenaline rush so she continued:

“Daddy, after work we were all around the campfire drinking and having a good time. He was nice to me. Pulled me close and kissed me. I dont know why but it felt good. We went back to his camper and i found myself on my knees giving him head. He had such a beautiful thick cock. He tasted so good and i knew it was wrong but i wanted to fuck him. He bent me over his bed and pulled my pants down around my ankles and he fucked me daddy. He felt so good in me. His hands on my hips. He fucked me so hard. The sounds he made as he fucked me… oh god i think i am going to cum…..” 

She looked beautiful cumming on my cock. And before long she was telling me more. 

“I thought of you laying at home and how wrong it was. I felt guilty but i have never been more turned on. Knowing i was cheating made it so much more thrilling. Please tell me you are not mad!”

All i could utter is do you still love me? 

“Yes daddy, i do. With all of my heart. I just need to be a slut. I need more cock. I need more cum”

At this point i was getting close to cumming myself. I said “more cum? Where did he cum?”

She responded with “oh fuck daddy… he… he… he shot a huge load inside of me. He wasnt wearing a condom”

I had probably the biggest orgasm of my life. My heart was pounding through my chest. Hearing her talk so dirty and telling me how much of a slut she was was so hot. 

As she rolled off of me… she told me something i will never forget. “Oh daddy, i think you like me being a naughty wife. I think you are going to want me to fuck him again. Seeing you get this hot makes me want to do it again”

She said she loved me and without even hesitating i rolled her onto her back and fucked her hard again. I couldnt believe it but reclaiming my wife just made me do something that had never happened before. I came 2 times without needing a recovery period. 

We laid together and got dressed. She went back to work and i was left at home to wonder wtf just happened.